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Green health-YJ-725  
     product installation and maintenance products
    Easy installation
    1, the independent power supply design, without affecting the normal operation of the lift;
    2, air-conditioning console directly on the elevator on the beam, or by the brackets in the beam;;
    3, from the elevator shaft, a ventilation or Cabin in the air return;
    4, according to Car different style decoration, to provide personalized luxury decorative pieces that match the outlet;
    5, cold wind through the air hose into the mouth with insulation Cabin;
    6, cold wind out of the wind in Jiaoding dissection, so deal with insulation to prevent the formation of condensed water;
    7, will be the introduction of remote control receiver Cabin, and to be fixed;
    8, to ensure that the air-conditioning outlet to outlet or any decoration is not blocked;
    Product Maintenance
    1, regular cleaning filters;
    2, regular inspection Cabin temperature and noise;
    3, regularly check air-conditioning run by professionals;
    4, encountered in normal operation, should be shut down immediately and requested the reasons for inspection professionals.
    1, small size
    Body by design integration;
    Kangfu fuselage using high-quality materials;
    Light weight, small size;
    2, no dripping
    Condensate non-electric heating;
    Multi-atomized condensate processing to ensure that no water dripping;
    Funny insulation air supply hose, not the outer surface of Ninglou;
    3, low noise international brands compressor, use of environmentally friendly cold catalyst;
    Dual-muffler design and efficient operation of air supply uniform;
    Vibration damping materials used shock-absorbing parts;
    4, health environmental protection, energy saving
    Mildew nano-efficient filters to remove dust;
    Multi-layer anti-dumping purification devices, effectively removing turbid air;
    Anion disinfection, purification Cabin air, reducing bacteria, anti-mildew, deodorant (optional;
    Automatic thermostats to save energy to achieve national energy conservation standards,
    Cabin in the remote control, easy to operate;
    5, application type
    Apply to; shopping malls, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, housing, and other passenger elevator in the Cabin air-conditioning purposes.
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