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Guangzhou Yujia electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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    Guangzhou Yujia Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection research, production and sales for the lift installed air-conditioning, and other specialized products, the Group of special refrigeration technology enterprises. The company has dedicated a large number of air-conditioning lift the expertise and modern air-conditioned lift production lines, with a strong R & D and technical capacity of the installation works, has extensive experience in marketing and market development planning convenient and efficient after-sales service distribution network.
    I large-scale companies, the strength, structure design complete integrity, and is currently in Austria Group, Hitachi, Disen, Mitsubishi, Xunda, Fu Shida brands such as the World Elevator Company has established long-term supply deals relations. "Excellence, the pursuit of perfection" philosophy, the company's services aim "to provide customers with quality products and services, allows you to be satisfied with satisfaction." Ongoing technology development and upgrading, creating high-quality management, administration, service team, a company dedicated special refrigeration equipment to clear.
    Hope that the enthusiasm around the company and interested in strength in the elevator industry companies and individuals joined, as I Distribution Company, with the company for a better tomorrow.
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